How it works

I can now help you with
  • Listing the build definitions and queue a build;
  • Listing the release definitions and create a release;
  • I can also show a list of approvals waiting for you and help you with approving or rejecting them;


To start, you first have to connect to your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) account and your Team Project.

Type ‘connect’ to start.
Skype Slack Teams
I will send you a message with a link ‘Authentication is required’ where you can grant me access to your VSTS account.
After accepting, you will be redirected to a page with a pin number.

Copy the pin number back into our conversation, after which I will ask you for the account you want to connect.
After I connected to your account, you can select the Team Project.
And now I am connected to your account and Team Project.


When you ask me for ‘builds’, I will give you an overview of your builds.
Skype Slack Teams
By clicking the ‘Queue’ button, I will queue the build for you.


I can also give you a list of your release definitions if you type ‘releases’.
Skype Slack Teams
If you press the ‘Create’ button, I will create a release for you.


I will list your release approvals when you type ‘approvals’.
Skype Slack Teams
Click on ‘Approve’ to approve a deployment or ‘Reject’ to reject a deployment.

After which I will ask you for a comment.